The Future According to TMRW

The founders of TMRW have been thinking about education for a very long time.

Education is fundamentally flawed

High school education is still stuck in industrial revolution ideas of the world, the purpose of education and the inappropriate application of production line techniques to education.

Universities are highly compromised, and the internal conflict of teaching vs research ensures that the quality of university teaching will not improve significantly over the generally poor level it is at today. In addition, they have the ‘need’ to over theorise everything they teach.

Corporate training is stuck in a compliance mentality.

Education for the value of personal transformation is out of favour and, even when believed in, must be justified in terms of future employability.

Photo by Edwin Andrade on Unsplash

Now is the Time for Disruption

People are openly questioning the value of university degrees.

The cost of education is being questioned.

The value proposition of private school education is also being questioned.

Changes in the job market will eliminate the value of dedicating such a long period of time to full time study.

The increasing rate of change will put the emphasis on fast learning.

In fact, the incredible pace of change that is about to hit as AI starts being truly exploited will require a movement from skills learning to self-directed learning based on a real implementation of the Ancient Greek idea of ‘Know Thyself’.

TMRW Is The Vehicle of Disruption

The two founders of TMRW have spent their lifetimes exploring, experimenting and reaching profound understandings about education and what needs to be done.

Ercoli brings deep experience in corporate training together with a focus on engagement and interaction. Cosshall brings 40 years of probing and thinking about the education process with the deep understanding of computer technology from years of research at the cutting edge of computer engineering.

Ercoli and Cosshall bring a vision of the future of education which is profoundly different to anyone else. Through one of our first products, Cosmos, TMRW is bringing:

  • Truly engaging and interactive learning
  • Connected learning pathways that embrace flexibility
  • Cutting edge visual design
  • New models of online learning that jump way beyond what others think is advanced learning
  • Real recognition of prior and external learning
  • Embracing of cognitive diversity to provide real choice and learning opportunity to everyone
  • The courage to implement new paradigms of interaction, teamwork, communication and fluid real-world learning
  • The knowledge to build a contemporary and flexible learning platform based on the latest and emerging software technologies and system architecture concepts
The TMRW Founders, Lenny and Wayne